Hungarian feature Dear Betrayed Friends has been reinstated in the East of the West Competition in Karlovy Vary.

On June 15, the film had been pulled from the festival because of problems with its post-production funding.

But now the festival notes: “This news provoked a fervent public debate in Hungary, which led immediately to a financial offer from a private subject in Hungary, enabling the filmmakers to complete the film in record time and thus take part in the prestigious competition.”

“We are delighted to confirm the return of Sara’s exciting debut to the East of the West competition,” said KVIFF’s artistic director Karel Och.

The film will now have its premiere on July 5 at 4:30pm in the Pupp cinema.

Sára Cserhalmi directs her feature debut; and she wrote the screenplay with Miklós Paizs. Ferenc Pusztai produces for KMH Film. Co-producers are I’m Film, The Post Republic, University of Drama, Film and Television. The Hungarian National Film Fund handles international sales.

The story follows a man who reads an his old file from the secret police, and discovers that his best friend informed on him.