David Cronenberg

Source: Caitlin Cronenberg

David Cronenberg

David Cronenberg’s The Shrouds is among 32 projects to receive a share of €8.3m in Eurimages’ latest round of co-production funding.

Cronenberg’s new feature, a co-production between Canada and France, received €500,000 – the largest amount awarded in this round of funding. Vincent Cassel plays a widower who creates a device that allows you to connect with the dead. Diane Kruger and Guy Pearce also star in the thriller. 

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The only other project to also receive €500,000 was Adrià Garcia’s animation The Treasure Of Barracuda, a co-production between Spain and Belgium. 

Other projects include Kirill Serebrennikov’s Disappearance which was awarded €350,000. The France-Germany co-production tells the story of prolific Nazi doctor Josef Mengele during his fugitive years.

Agnieszka Holland’s The Green Border received €380,000 in funding as a co-production between Poland, France, Czech Republic and Belgium.

36.5% of the projects are directed by women, down from last year when over half (52.2%) of funding went to female-directed features.

The selection also includes six documentaries and two animations.

Eurimages Co-production Support 2023 funding

A Light at Midday (Sp-Bel), dir. Elena Manrique - €300,000

Aïcha (Fr-Tunisia-It), dir. Mehdi Barsaoui - €150,000

Bestiaries, Herbaria, Lapidaries (It-Switz), dirs.. Martina Parenti, Massimo D’Anolfi - €80,000

Blood and Mud (Fr-Ger), dir. Jean-Gabriel Leynaud - €140,000

Catane (Rom-It), dir. Ioana Mischie - €150,000

Connections (Den-Swe), dir. Jeanette Nordahl - €302,000

Disappearance (Fr-Ger), dir. Kirill Serebrennikov - €350,000

DJ Ahmet (N Macedonia-Czech-Ser), dir. Georgi Unkovski - €160,000

Dreaming of Lions (Port-Bra-Sp), dir. Paolo Marinou-Blanco - €150,000

Filipinas (Port-Fr), dir. Leonor Noivo - €74,500

Flow (Lat-Fr-Bel), dir. Gints Zilbalodis - €400,000

Guria (Georgia-Switz-Lux-Bul-Turkey), dir. Levan Koguashvili - €210,000

Hunger Strike Breakfast (Lithuania-Czech-Lat), dir. Karolis Kaupinis - €180,000

I Accidentally Wrote a Book (Hun-Neth), dir. Nóra Lakos - €450 000

It Would Be My Dream (Czech-Slovakia), dir. Ondřej Provaznik - €235,000

Lady Nazca (Fr-Ger), dir. Damien Dorsaz - €166 000

Laura (Swe-Nor-Den), dir. Fanny Ovesen - €400 000

Leonora in the Morning Light (Ger-Mex-Rom), dirs. Lena Vurma, Thor Klein - €360 000

Life Ahead (Fr-Bel), dir. Olivier Meys - €300 000

Little Thief (Czech-Slovakia), dir. Ondřej Hudeček - €134 000

Lives of Hamid (Fr-Ger), dir. Jonathan Millet - €320 000

No Beast So Fierce (Ger-Fr-Pol), dir. Burhan Qurbani - €440 000

Noor (Bel-Fr-Mor), dir. Jérôme Lemaire - €95 000

Orenda (Fin-Estonia-Swe), dir. Pirjo Honkasalo - €250 000

Our Wildest Days (Greece-Bel-Fr), dir. Vasilis Kekatos - €250 000

Silent Observers (Bul-Ger), dir. Eliza Petkova - €53 500

The Green Border (Pol-Fr-Czech-Bel), dir. Agnieszka Holland - €380 000

The Night Drags On (Bel-Fr), dir. Michiel Blanchart - €280 000

The Shrouds (Can-Fr), dir. David Cronenberg - €500 000

The Souls (Neth-Estonia), dir. Tallulah H. Schwab - €440 000

The Treasure of Barracuda (Sp-Bel), dir. Adrià Garcia - €500 000

Wishing On A Star (It-Slovakia-Austria-Czech-Cro), dir. Peter Kerekes - €75 000