Mahdi Fleifel’s debut feature won Best International Film at Edinburgh.

E2 Films has acquired UK rights to Mahdi Fleifel’s debut feature A World Not Ours. It will distribute theatrically in the UK on Feb 21.

The documentary is a portrait of three generations in the refugee camp of Ein el-Helweh in southern Lebanon, filmed over more than 20 years by the same family.

The film has won a string of international awards including Best International Film at Edinburgh, the Peace Film Award at the Berlinale, the Audience Award in Sarajevo, the Grand Prix in Yamagata, the Reel Talent Award at CPH:DOX, the Grand Jury prize at DOC NYC and the Black Pearl Award in Abu Dhabi. 

Palestinian filmmaker Fleifel is based in London. He recently developed his second feature at the Cannes’ Cinefondation residence in Paris.