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Source: Festival de Cannes

Emma Stone

Emma Stone tackled several questions on feminism while speaking at the Cannes Film Festival press conference for Yorgos Lanthimos’ Kinds Of Kindness.

“I mean I am feminist, whether that’s activism or not it just makes sense to me,” the actor said regarding how her feminism influences the films she chooses. “These stories are just stories that feel interesting to me as an actor.

“I don’t know that I’m really the type of actor that’s like ’I need to do this film because it has this particular message’. I just find the characters interesting. The world is interesting, and it’s something that I want to explore.

“I’m a feminist and I like working with Yorgos Lanthimos,” Stone, who stars in her third feature for the Greek director, concluded.

The duo also discussed the use of the body in Kinds Of Kindness and other previous Lanthimos features. “I find physicality very important, and body language, so I often start with that,” he said.

“I certainly don’t mistreat [the body]. At least not practically, I think it’s just observing life and a lot of it is dark and hard but also ridiculous and awkward and so I was trying to incorporate that.”

Stone agreed with Lanthimos, adding: ”Our job is as actors to bring more to the character through physicality. So that’s my understanding of it and why I feel very comfortable and happy… being a person in a body” 

Later on, Stone was asked about how things can move forward for women in the industry. “It’s not just up to me, I think there’s a lot of people who are doing their best to change things and move things forward so that women feel an equal sense of quality in cinema.”

The actor then gestured to the other women on the panel to see if they wanted to chime in with Margaret Qualley adding, jokingly, “Do you like my hat?”

Also on the panel were Willem Dafoe, Hong Chau, Joe Alwyn and Jesse Plemons, Mamoudou Athie and Hunter Schafer.