Two Of Us

Source: TIFF

‘Two Of Us’

Italian director Filippo Meneghetti’s debut feature Two Of Us leads the nominations in the 26th edition of France’s Lumière awards, which were unveiled online today (December 14).

The awards, which are voted on by some 130 international correspondents hailing from 40 countries, are France’s equivalent of the Golden Globes.

In spite of the Covid-19 pandemic, which has delayed numerous releases this year, they have retained their traditional time slot and the awards ceremony will take place on January 19, 2021, in line with previous years. 

Meneghetti’s Two Of Us is also France’s submission to the Best International Film Category of the 2021 Oscars.

It stars Barbara Sukowa and Martine Chevallier as a lesbian couple facing up to the challenge of coming out after two decades of secret passion and companionship

It has been was nominated in six categories including best film, director and first film. Sukowa and Chevalier were also nominated together for best actress. It is also running in the best screenplay and best cinematography categories.

Other frontrunners included Emmanuel Mouret’s love triangle drama Love Affair(s), with five nominations; Albert Dupontel’s dark comedy Bye Bye Morons with four nominations, and François Ozon’s Summer Of 85, which is the running for best film and director as well as best new actor for its two young co-stars, Félix Lefebvre and Benjamin Voisin.

A total of 77 films were eligible for consideration this year. A handful of films, the scheduled November or December releases of which but have not been able to go ahead because of the closure of cinemas in France, have also been allowed to participate.

These films included Charlène Favier’s Slalom, which has been nominated for best actor (Jérémie Renier), best new actress (Noée Abita), best cinematography (Yann Maritaud) and best first film, and Tunisian director Kaouther Ben Hania’s The Man Who Sold His Skin, which is running in the best international production category.

Best film

  • Bye Bye Morons, Dupontel
  • Love Affair(s) , Emmanuel Mouret
  • Two Of Us, Filippo Meneghetti
  • Summer of 85, François Ozon
  • The Girl With The Bracelet, Stéphane Demoustier

Best director

  • Albert Dupontel, Bye Bye Moron
  • Maïwenn, DNA
  • Filippo Meneghetti, Two Of Us
  • Emmanuel Mouret, Love Affair(s)
  • François Ozon, Summer of 85

Best screenplay

  • Stéphane Demoustier, The Girl With The Bracelet
  • Filippo Meneghetti, Malysone Bovarasmy, Two Of Us
  • Jean-Louis Milesi, Josep
  • Emmanuel Mouret, Love Affair(s)
  • Caroline Vignal, My Donkey, My Lover & I

Best documentary

  • Adolescents, Sébastien Lifshitz
  • The Tie, Etienne Chaillou, Mathias Théry
  • Kongo, Hadrien La Vapeur et Corto Vaclav
  • The Monopoly Of Violence, David Dufresne
  • If It Were Love, Patric Chiha

Best animation film

  • Calamity, A Childhood Of Martha Jane Cannary, Rémi Chayé
  • Marona’s Fantastic Tale, Anca Damian
  • Josep, Aurel
  • Little Vampire, Joann Sfar

Best actress

  • Laure Calamy, My Donkey, My Lover & I
  • Martine Chevallier and Barbara Sukowa, Two Of Us
  • Emmanuelle Devos, Perfumes 
  • Virginie Efira, Bye Bye Morons
  • Camelia Jordana, Love Affair(s)

Best actor

  • Sami Bouajila, A Son
  • Jonathan Cohen, Enormous
  • Albert Dupontel, Bye Bye Morons
  • Nicolas Maury, My Best Par 
  • Jérémie Rénier, Slalom

Best new actress

  • Noée Abita, Slalom
  • Najla Ben Abdallah, A Son
  • Nisrin Erradi, Adam
  • Mélissa Guers, The Girl With The Bracelet
  • Fathia Youssouf, Cuties

Best new actor

  • Guang Huo, Night Ride
  • Félix Lefebvre and Benjamin Voisin, Summer of 85
  • Djibril Vancoppenolle, Small Country, An African Childhood
  • Alexandre Wetter, Miss
  • Jean-Pascal Zadi, Tout Simplement Noir

Best first film

  • Two, Filippo Meneghetti
  • Arab Blues, Manele Labidi
  • Cuties, Maïmouna Doucouré
  • Slalom, Charlène Favier
  • Tout Simplement Noir, Jean-Pascal Zadi, John Wax

Best international co-production

  • Abou Leila, Amin Sidi-Boumédiène
  • Adam, Maryam Touzani
  • A Son, Mehdi M. Barsaoui
  • The Man Who Sold His Skin, Kaouther Ben Hania
  • La Llorona, Jayro Bustamante
  • You Will Die At 20, Amjad Abu Alala
  • Yalda, A Night For Forgiveness, Massoud Bakhshi

Best cinematography

  • Hichame Alaouie, Summer of 85
  • Renato Berta, The Salt Of Tears
  • Laurent Desmet, Love Affair(s)
  • Yann Maritaud, Slalom
  • Aurélien Marra, Two Of Us

Best soundtrack

  • Bertrand Burgalat, Appearances
  • Florencia di Concilio, Calamity, A Childhood of Martha Jane Cannary
  • Silvia Pérez Cruz, Josep
  • Pablo Pico, Marona’s Fantastic Tale
  • Rone, Night Ride