New works from Beatrice Gibson, Sarah Turner and Larissa Sansour greenlit.

Three artist filmmakers have received commissions worth a combined $150,000 (£100,000) from Film London Artists’ Moving Image Network (FLAMIN).

Beatrice Gibson, Larissa Sansour and Sarah Turner have received commissions through FLAMIN Productions, a fund aimed at nurturing talent and supporting artists with a combination of financial backing, bespoke training and professional mentoring. It is supported by Arts Council England.

Past recipients include Ben Rivers’ award-winning feature length Two Years at Sea, Elizabeth Price’s West Hinder, which formed part of her 2012 Turner prize-winning exhibition, and Sebastian Buerkner’s The Chimera of M, which won the Tiger Award for best short at International Film Festival Rotterdam 2014.

Chosen from an pool of 100 applicants, FLAMIN Productions’ three new commissions include Larissa Sansour, whose recent work has featured in solo shows internationally, has been greenlit for her sci-fi video essay In The Future, They Ate From the Finest Porcelain.

Sarah Turner, whose film Perestroika was acclaimed in both art and film critics, will explore memory, community and social reinvention with her new feature Public House.

Two-time Tiger Award recipient Beatrice Gibson has been greenlit for her experimental social satire Crippled Symmetries.

This year projects were assessed by a panel comprising of AV Festival director Rebecca Shatwell and BFI head of cinemas Helen de Witt alongside representatives from Film London.

The sixth round of FLAMIN Productions funding will open for applications later this year.