ip man 4

Source: Mandarin Motion Pictures

‘Ip Man 4’

Hong Kong-based Mandarin Motion Pictures has sealed a raft of sales on Ip Man 4, the fourth installment in its hit martial arts action series, which is scheduled for release this summer.

Well Go USA has acquired rights for North America and the UK to the $52m film, which has also gone to German-speaking Europe (KSM), French-speaking Europe (Program Store), Japan (Gaga), Korea (Kiarient) and Oceania (CMC).

Among other Asian territories the film has also sold to Indonesia (Primacinema), Indian subcontinent (Tanweer), Taiwan (Skyfilm), Singapore (Shaw), Malaysia (Lotus Five Star), Thailand (Mono Film) and Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Timor Leste and Myanmar (Purple Plan). It has also gone to Turkey (BGfilm) and the Middle East (Phars Film).

Donnie Yen reprises his role as the eponymous kung-fu master in the film, a co-production with China’s Bona Film Group, which also stars Wu Yue (Paradox), Vanness Wu (Monk Comes Down The Mountain) and Scott Adkins (American Assassin). Yuen Wo Ping is again on board as action director.