EXCLUSIVE: Micro-budget finance market to run alongside London’s PFM.

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FilmLondon is launching a new UK-wide micro-budget finance market that will run alongside London’s Production Finance Market.

The Micro-Market, supported by Creative Skillset’s Film Skills Fund, will provide 19 production teams with one day of meetings with financiers looking for films budgeted at €1m ($1.36m) and under.

The teams will meet representatives from sales companies, investment funds, post houses, online and VOD platforms and public agencies and also get training in pitching ahead of the market which will take place on Oct 16-17.

Adrian Wootton, chief executive of Film London and British Film Commission, said: “Having identified a need among emerging UK producers, we have developed a unique event connecting micro-budget film-makers with financiers looking for projects in that bracket.

“The Micro-Market also includes a critical training component, so we are encouraging essential skills around pitching and packaging projects, as well as giving them direct access to financiers. Considering Film London’s long term investment in new talent through our Microwave scheme, this is a logical extension for the PFM and I thank Creative Skillset for their vision is backing this innovative event.”

Andrea Scarso, investment manager at Ingenious Media, commented: “Ingenious has always taken part in Film London’s Production Finance Market and we are very pleased to have been invited to the new Micro-Market. The incredible pool of talent working in the micro to small budget space is all too easily overlooked, but it is in this space that you often find the next big thing – and that’s just what we’re hoping to do.”

Josh Appignanesi, a film-maker attending Micro-Market, added: “To me, micro-budget is the brave new horizon in film and it’s the place where anything feels possible, both creatively and in new models of getting films out there. So when we heard there was a way to really focus on this new field, analyse it, and meet a load of people interested in getting involved, we jumped at it.”

The seventh Film London PFM, in association with the BFI 57th London Film Festival, takes place Oct 16-17. The event is dedicated to connecting producers with financiers on films budgeted above €1m ($1.36m).

Full list of projects

  • From The Ground Up - The Story of Street Dance
    Tessa Morgan, Fully Fledged Films, Cambridge

  • Pearl
    Jane Dauncey, Machine Productions Ltd, Cardiff

  • Up Helly Aa
    Kathy Speirs, Up Helly Aa, Clydebank

  • Rocket Surgery
    Oscar van Heek, lo-fi, Edinburgh

  • Shows
    Paul Welsh, Edge City Films Ltd, Glasgow

  • The Cleaners
    James Levison, Wingbeat Pictures, London

  • By the Fire
    Christine Cheung, Tread Softly Productions, London

  • A Dark Song
    Tim Dennison, Tall Man Films, London

  • Moog
    Nick Calori, Shuffle Films, London

  • Departure
    Pietro Greppi, Motion Group Pictures, London

  • Webstalker
    Josh Appignanesi, Golden Arrow Pictures Ltd, (Producer Camille Gatin’s company), London

  • Twitcher
    Tom Clark, Disbelief Media, London

  • Carlito y Jane
    Jesse Quinones, cmp limited, London

  • They’re not gonna get us (w/t)
    Justin Edgar, 104 films Ltd, London

  • The Grey Liberation Front
    Raiomond Mirza, Oh My! Productions Ltd, Staines

  • Dartmoor Killing
    Peter Nicholson, Peter Nicholson Films Ltd, Torquay

  • Into Darkness
    Peter Middlleton, Archers Mark, London

  • Malachl Martin: The Pope’s Exorcist
    Chris Patterson, Causeway Pictures, Belfast

  • The Boneyard Boys
    Chris Myers, Tree House Films, Warren Point