'Downton Abbey: A New Era'

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‘Downton Abbey: A New Era’

Worldwide box office April 29-May 1

RankFilm (Distributor)3-day (world)Cume (world)3-day (int’l)Cume (int’l)Territories
 1. Fantastic Beasts 3 (Warner Bros) $34.1m  $329.5m  $25.8m  $250m  74
 2. Sonic The Hedgehog 2 (Paramount) $25.8m $323.5m $14.5m  $162.6m  62
 3. The Bad Guys (Universal) $25m $118.7m $8.9m  $74.2m  63
 4. The Lost City (Paramount) $14.4m $148.8m $10.5m  $58.1m  62
 5. The Northman (Universal) $10.7m $41.6m $4.4m  $18.8m  46
 6. Downton Abbey: A New Era (Universal) $9.3m $9.3m $9.3m  $9.3m  33
 7. Stay With Me (various) $8.3m $8.3m $8.3m  $8.3m  1
 8. Everything Everywhere All At Once (various) $6.7m $40.5m $1.1m  $4.2m  14
 9. The Unbearable Weight Of Massive Talent (various) $5m $17.7m $1.1m  $4.2m  19
 10. Memory (various) $3.4m  $3.4m $0.3m  $0.3m  18

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‘Downton Abbey: A New Era’ is top new title

UPDATED: In a weekend offering ample stability at the global box office, Downton Abbey: A New Era delivered the highest new entry in the latest chart – in sixth place. The second film for the TV spinoff delivered a confirmed $9.5m from its first 33 territories, led by UK/Ireland with a chart-topping $3.9m. A New Era will further benefit from the Monday holiday in this home market for the glossy slice of heritage cinema.

The UK/Ireland number compares with a £5.2m debut ($6.5m at current exchange rates) for the first Downton Abbey film in September 2019 – six months before the pandemic hit the UK.

Australia (topping the chart with an estimated $1.3m) and France ($1.1m) were the next best results for A New Era. Future key markets include North America (May 20), China (May 20) and Japan (September 30).

The original Downton Abbey film grossed $96.9m in both North America and in international markets, combining for $194m worldwide.

‘Fantastic Beasts 3’ leads global chart with $34m session

UPDATED: Warner Bros’ Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets Of Dumbledore resisted the challenge of family films Sonic The Hedgehog 2 and The Bad Guys, retaining the global box office crown in its fourth week of release. This third film in the latest JK Rowling magical creatures franchise grossed a confirmed $26.7m for international (down 35% in holdover markets) and an estimated $8.3m in North America, combining for an estimated $34.1m.

Cumulative totals are a confirmed $252.5m in international, $79.5m in North America, and $332m worldwide.

The Secrets Of Dumbledore benefited from a rising market in China, where the film enjoyed a 79% spike at the box office, grossing a confirmed $3m. (See below for more on China’s recovery.) However, Japan, with an estimated $3.3m (up 7%), was the top territory for the title at the weekend.

Japan has now overtaken Germany to be the top international market for The Secrets Of Dumbledore with a cumulative total of $27.1m. Germany ($25.7m), UK/Ireland ($23.9m), China ($21.3m) and France ($18.5m) round out the top five territories.

The Secrets Of Dumbledore has so far reached 40% of the lifetime total achieved by Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them ($814m worldwide) and 50% of the total for The Crimes Of Grindelwald ($655m). 

‘Sonic The Hedgehog 2’ overtakes global total of ‘Sonic the Hedgehog’

Like The Secrets Of Dumbledore, Paramount’s Sonic The Hedgehog 2 also pushed past the $300m barrier at the weekend – with a $323.5m global total. The honours are pretty evenly split on the film between international ($162.6m) and North America ($160.9m).

These numbers put the sequel ahead of the original Sonic The Hedgehog film, which reached $319.7m after releasing in pre-pandemic in February 2020.

Sonic The Hedgehog 2 fell 40% in international holdover markets at the weekend, and landed in the Middle East where it delivered an estimated $2.3m including previews. Overall, the film generated an estimated $14.5m in international markets, and $11.4m in North America.

In cumulative totals, UK/Ireland leads with $28.1m, ahead of Mexico ($18.1m), France ($15.9m) and Australia ($14.7m). Markets still to open include Hong Kong (July 21) and Japan (August 19).

‘The Bad Guys’ receives China boost

UPDATED: Universal’s release of DreamWorks Animation’s The Bad Guys gave Sonic The Hedgehog 2 a run for its money at the weekend, with confirmed global takings of $25.6m – less than $1m behind the blue hedgehog’s haul.

The animation was boosted by arrival in China, grossing a confirmed $4.5m. In international holdover markets, The Bad Guys fell 47%, but in North America the hold was stronger, falling just 33% – and holding on to the top of the North America box office thanks to an estimated $16.1m take.

Totals so far are $74.7m for international, $44.6m in North America, and $119.3m worldwide.

For cumulative totals, UK/Ireland leads the international markets with $13.2m, ahead of Australia ($9.9m), Spain ($6.6m), France ($5.4m), Germany and Mexico on $5.3m and $5.2m, respectively.

The Bad Guys lands in South Korea this Wednesday (May 4), with Japan set for October 7.

‘The Northman’ holds steady, moves up in global chart

UPDATED: Universal’s release of Robert Eggers’ The Northman added four new international markets – the biggest was Greece, with a confirmed $158,000 including previews. But the film’s move up from sixth to fifth place in the global box office chart was more to do with its decent traction in holdover markets, combined with a lack of new titles entering the market.

For international, The Northman fell just 34% in holdover territories, and delivered $4.7m for the weekend session. Add in $6.4m in North America, and the film took $11.1m – taking the global total to $41.9m.

The Northman is now Eggers’ top-grossing film, having overtaken The Witch ($40.4m). The Lighthouse scored $18.1m.

Next key markets to open The Northman are France (May 11) and Brazil (May 12), with South Korea to follow on June 29.

China bounces back after quiet April

Despite challenging conditions for the exhibition industry in China, with 50% of cinemas shut down due to Covid restrictions, the start of the five-day Labour Day break brought audiences back, after an extended period of quiet.

For the April 22-24 weekend, cinemas in China grossed a weak $8.2m, according to data gatherer Artisan Gateway. For April 29-May 1, that number jumped to $24.5m. The market was led by the new release of Enlight Pictures’ college-age romantic drama Stay With Me, which debuted with $8.4m. Wu Yang and Zhou Nanshen’s film sees a young couple try to maintain their relationship as they begin life in different universities. The Chinese title translates literally to: I really hate long-distance relationships.

‘Everything Everywhere All At Once’ hits $40m worldwide

A24’s release of indie crossover hit Everything Everywhere All At Once continued its strong run at the North America box office, adding another estimated $5.5m at the weekend – up 2.2% on the previous session. Domestic total is $35.5m.

For international, 13 early markets have delivered $5.0m so far, taking the global total to $40.5m. Australia leads with $1.2m since release on April 14. UK/Ireland welcomes the film on May 13.