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Source: Hong Kong Asia Film Financing Forum

Hong Kong Asia Film Financing Forum

The Hong Kong-Asia Film Financing Forum (HAF) has announced the 22 projects, including ten narrative features and 12 documentaries, which have been selected for the Work-in-Progress (WIP) section of this year’s HAF.

The WIP initiative will run simultaneously with the HAF main programme (August 26-28) and Filmart Online (August 26-29). Both events were postponed from March due to the Covid-19 pandemic and were recently forced to move online as travel restrictions are still in place across the region and in Hong Kong.

HAF will give further details of the online arrangements for its main programme and WIP section “as soon as practicable”. The highly-regarded project platform announced the 33 projects selected for its main programme earlier this year.

Among the narrative projects in the WIP section are four features from China exploring contemporary issues, including Zhou Ziyang’s Wuhai, about the impact of rapid economic development; Qiu Jiongjiong’s The Neo-New Adventures, telling the life of the 20th century’s top clown actor; Han Shuai’s coming-of-age story Summer Blur; and Niu Xiaoyu’s Virgin Blue, about a girl trapped in her grandmother’s memories.

Hong Kong’s Jun Li (Tracey), will present his new drama, Drifting, about homeless people in Hong Kong, while Indian-born director Prasun Chatterjee’s Two Friends follows a pair of eight-year-old boys belonging to two warring religious communities.

Documentaries in the WIP line-up include Fan Jian’s Born To Be Second, about children born to replace siblings lost in the 2008 Sichuan earthquake, and Luo Shuai’s Being Mortal, recounting the stories of hospice care volunteers.


Another Brick On The Wall (China)

Director: ZHANG Nan

Producer: CHUNG Wai-kit, QI Yu

Production Company: Arrow Factory, Tencent Pictures, Pango Pictures


Being Mortal (China)

Director: LUO Shuai

Producer: LUO Shuai

Production Company: Guangzhou Zhitianxiao Culture Co


The Borderlands (India)

Director: Samarth MAHAJAN

Producer: Sunil DOSHI, Ashay GANGWAR

Production Company: All Things Small


Born To Be Second (China)

Director: FAN Jian

Producer: Richard LIANG, S. Leo CHIANG

Production Company: FAN Film Studio


Children Of The Mist (Vietnam)

Director: HA LE Diem

Producer: Swann DUBUS

Production Company: Varan Vietnam Co


Dear Immigrants: What Was Your First Meal? (Hong Kong)

Director: WONG Fei-pang

Producer: Diana CHEUNG

Production Company: Tonikaku Pictures


I, Poppy (India)

Director: Vivek CHAUDHARY

Producer: Vivek CHAUDHARY

Production Company: Unek Films


In Between Worlds (Hong Kong)

Director: CHAN Ying-wai

Producer: LI Man-chi

Production Company: At Odds Workshop


Kith And Kin (Thailand)

Director: Waraluck HIRANSRETTAWAT

Producer: Pailin WEDEL

Production Company: 2050 Productions Co


Last Days At Sea (The Philippines)

Director: Venice ATIENZA

Producer: Venice ATIENZA, WU Fan

Production Company: Svemirko Film Productions


Leap Of Faith (China)

Director: YANG Lina

Producer: LIAO Ching-Sung

Production Company: Moon Bear Culture Creative Studio


Olympic Halftime (Czech Republic, Greece, Slovak Republic)

Director: Haruna HONCOOP

Producer: Vít JANEČEK

Production Company: D1film


The Double (The Philippines)

Director: Adolfo ALIX Jr.

Producer: Adolfo ALIX Jr., Kim JONES, Jericho ROSALES

Production Company: Inventory Films, Noble Wolf ABAJ Film Productions


Drifting (Hong Kong)

Director: Jun LI

Producer: Mani MAN, Flora TANG

Production Company: mm2 Entertainment Hong Kong


The Neo-New Adventures (China)

Director: QIU Jiongjiong

Producer: QIU Jiongjiong

Production Company: Uluka Productions


Ningdu (Hong Kong, Netherlands, US)

Director: LEI Lei

Producer: LEI Lei, Isabelle GLACHANT

Production Company: Chinese Shadows


Summer Blur (China)

Director: HAN Shuai

Producer: HUANG Xufeng, LIANG Ying

Production Company: Factory Gate Films


Two Friends (India)

Director: Prasun CHATTERJEE

Producer: Ivy SHEN Yu-Hua, Prasun CHATTERJEE, Soumya MUKHOPADHYAY, Prosenjit Ranjan NATH

Production Company: Kathak Talkies


Virgin Blue (China)

Director: NIU Xiaoyu

Producer: WANG Zijian NIU Yuan

Production Company: Blackfin Production, Big Fish Films (Anhui) Co


We Are Living Things (Italy, US)

Director: Antonio TIBALDI

Producer: HE Fan

Production Company: EnMaze Pictures Inc


White Building (Cambodia, France)

Director: Kavich NEANG

Producer: Davy CHOU, Marine ARRIGHI de CASANOVA

Production Company: Anti-Archive, Apsara Films


Wuhai (China)

Director: ZHOU Ziyang

Producer: WANG Luna, QIAN Yini

Production Company: Beijing Juben Production Company