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Source: Sarajevo Film Festival / Rich Hardcastle/BFI

Joshua Oppenheimer, Tilda Swinton

Joshua Oppenheimer’s upcoming musical The End starring Tilda Swinton is one of 23 features to receive a share of €5.5m ($6.1m) in the latest round of Eurimages co-production support funding.

The film, a co-production between Denmark, Germany and Ireland, receives €480,000 ($534,000) – the largest of the 23 awards in this selection.

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The End stars George MacKay and Stephen Graham alongside Swinton in the musical about the last human family. Neon has acquired North America rights.

The Empire, the latest film from French director Bruno Dumont, receives €450,000 ($500,000). The sci-fi feature stars Virginie Efira, Lily-Rose Depp, Adele Haenel and Fabrice Luchini, and began filming in January.

Set on France’s northern Opal Coast, the film centres on a fishing village that is visited by extra-terrestrial knights. It is a co-production between France, Germany, Italy and Belgium. 

Jorgen Lerdam and Kari Juusonen’s Finland-Germany-Ireland-Denmark co-production Niko – Beyond The Northern Lights receives €470,000 ($523,000). The animated feature is the third instalment of the Niko franchise, and sees a young reindeer boy compete for a spot in Santa’s reindeer squad. It is the only animation in the selection, alongside seven documentaries.

Some 52.2% of the projects are to be directed by women, up from 34.4% of the submissions.

The Eurimages Executive Committee decided the awards via an online meeting, at which they also chose to grant the fund’s patronage to the Documentary Association of Europe for the publication of a new financing guide for the documentary sector, including a co-production guide.

Eurimages Co-production Support 2022 funding

Arsenie. An Amazing Afterlife (Rom-Lux) dir. Alexandru Solomon, €59,000 – documentary

Consent (Fr-Bel) dir. Vanessa Filho, €340,000

Ebba (Nor-Fr-Swe) dir. Johanna Pyykko, €300,000

End Of The World (Cze-Slovakia) dir. Ivan Zacharias, €276,000

Even Among The Ruins (Fr-Bel) dir. Yolande Moreau, €400,000

Excursion (Bos/Her-Cro-Nor-Ser) dir. Una Gunjak, €119,000

Human/Animal (Sp-It-Mex) dir. Alessandro Pugno, €283,000

Lotus (Lat-Lith) dir. Signe Birkova, €100,000

Lust (Bul-Den-Swe) dir. Ralitza Petrova, €182,000

Motherland (Swe-Ukr-Nor) dirs. Alexander Mihalkovich, Hanna Badziaka, €110,000 – documentary

My Land My Strength (Por-Fr-Uru) dir. Paulo Carneiro, €49,000 – documentary

Niko – Beyond The Northern Lights (Fin-Ger-Ire-Den) dirs. Jorgen Lerdam, Kari Juusonen, €470,000 – animation

Not A Word (Ger-Slovenia-Fr) dir. Hanna A Slak, €295,000

Read My Breasts (Austria-Sp) dir. Anja Salomonowitz, €105,000 - documentary

Sisters (Swe) dir. Mika Gustafson, €370,000

The Empire (Fr-Ger-It-Bel) dir. Bruno Dumont, €450,000

The End (Den-Ger-Ire) dir. Joshua Oppenheimer, €480,000

The Falling Star (Bel-Fr) dirs. Dominique Abel, Fiona Gordon, €330,000

The Forgotten History (Sp-Neth-Fr) dir. Roya Sadat, €400,000

The Mechanics Of Things (Fr-Ger) dir. Alessandra Celesia, €110,000 - documentary

The Radical Self (Ger-Swi) dir. Johann Feindt, €123,000 - documentary

Things That You Kill (Fr-Pol-Can) dir. Alireza Khatami, €105,000

Toxic Sicily (Fr-It) dir. Francois-Xavier Destors, €60,000 - documentary