EXCLUSIVE: K5 International has boarded documentary feature Next Goal Wins directed by Mike Brett and Steve Jamison.

The feel-good movie is about the stunning comeback of the American Samoa football team. They suffered a world-record 31-0 defeat in 2001 and became a laughing stock for a decade before landing maverick coach Thomas Rongen and setting out for World Cup qualification in 2011.

Kristian Brodie produces the Archer’s Mark and Agile Films project. The filmmaking team was embedded with the American Samoa national team for months at a time.

K5 introduces the project to buyers here at the AFM; remake rights are already in discussion.

WME Global, which brokered the deal, is handling the film’s North American rights.

The film is shot in 5K resolution on the RED Epic camera and 300+ hours of footage were edited in the UK.

“We’ve handled a few great documentaries at K5 and this is up there with the best of them. It’s also without doubt the most feel-good movie we’ve ever handled. It’s often hilariously funny, has you on the edge of your seat and makes you cry for sheer joy,” said K5’s Oliver Simon and Daniel Baur.

Brett added: “It’s incredible how much of a long shot it was for us to fly 10,000 miles around the world on the off-chance that American Samoa would finally break their 17-year losing streak in such an extraordinary way.”

Brodie said: “We can’t wait to bring our story to a global audience on the eve of the World Cup in Brazil.”

Jamison said: “It’s great to be working with the fantastic teams at K5 and WME, both of whom instantly realised we’d found something truly rare in this squad of men.”