Félize Frappier, Kevin Krikst, Fraser Ash

Source: CMPA

CMPA Indiescreen Awards winners (L-R): Félize Frappier, Kevin Krikst, Fraser Ash

The Canadian Media Producers Association announced the winners of its annual CMPA Indiescreen Awards on Thursday (5) at an afternoon ceremony to mark the opening of the 2019 Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF).

Félize Frappier (Max Films Media) received the CMPA’s 2019 Established Producer Award in recognition of her contribution to Canadian cinema, which includes Marécages (2011), L’autre Maison (2013), Corbo (2014) and Ville-Marie (2015). The Montreal-based producer’s latest film, Kuessipan, receives its world premiere in Discovery on September 8.

Rhombus Media’s Kevin Krikst and Fraser Ash were named joint winners of the Kevin Tierney Emerging Producer Award, recognising their talent as early-career filmmakers. Their latest film Clifton Hill premieres on Thursday night in Special Presentations and is the pair’s second film after Closet Monster, which premiered at the festival in 2015.

Frappier will receive C$10,000 (USD $7,524), and Krikst and Ash will share the C$5,000 (USD $3,762) prize for the Kevin Tierney Emerging Producer Award.

“The Indiescreen Awards are an opportunity to reflect upon what a remarkable endeavour it is to produce a feature film, and to celebrate the immense filmmaking talent we have here in Canada,” said CMPA president and CEO Reynolds Mastin. “Congratulations to today’s winners for your inspiring contributions to Canadian cinema.”

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