EXCLUSIVE: Nirpal Bhogal thriller first film on slate.

UK distributor-producer Metrodome has joined forces with Montana and Best Laid Plans producers MoliFilms to launch a new production fund.

The companies will fundraise under a series of EIS and non EIS schemes with Metrodome Group selling international rights and distributing the majority of the films in the UK.

Metrodome International’s Caroline Couret-Delègue will oversee international sales. The Infidel producer Uzma Hasan of Little House Productions will supervise key productions on the slate on behalf of Metrodome whilst Gareth Maxwell Roberts will supervise on behalf of MoliFilms.

Thea, a supernatural thriller directed by Nirpal Bhogal (Misfits, Sket) is the first film on the slate and is slated to shoot in Q1 2015.

The film will be produced by Hasan (who is expected to bring further projects to the venture) and co-produced by MoliFilms’ Gareth Maxwell Roberts and Metrodome Group’s Jezz Vernon. MoliFilms’ Brad Moore will be executive producer.

Jezz Vernon, MD of Metrodome said: “These are projects that we’re genuinely excited about, theatrical level features that captured and challenged our imagination.

“But our objective is to produce profitable films and create a return to the investors – that’s our single objective and we’re delighted to find a like-minded group of partners to move forwards with.

“Each party brings significant individual strengths and considerable experience to the table.”

Gareth Maxwell Roberts said: “This is an exciting opportunity for us to work with like minded creative and business partners to produce critically robust films that have a real chance of succeeding in a particularly brutal market place. Thea is a terrific project to launch our collaboration.”

Hasan added: “I’m delighted to be working with Moli Films and Metrodome. This venture gives access to both finance and exploitation avenues: the killer combination for any producer.

“I look forward to working with the team on this flagship project and across an innovative and eclectic slate”.