Camino Skies

Source: Parkland Pictures

‘Camino Skies’

UK sales company Parkland Pictures has sealed sales on Camino Skies, Fergus O’Grady and Noel Smyth’s Australian documentary about people completing the 800km Camino de Santiago pilgrimage.

The film has sold to German-speaking Europe (Ascot Elite); Taiwan (Swallow Wings); France (L’Atelier D’Images); Brazil (Lanca); and airlines (Cinesky).

It is screening in this week’s virtual Cannes market; and Parkland’s distribution arm Parkland Entertainment will release it in the UK later this year, with the original release having been delayed by the coronavirus pandemic.

O’Grady and Smyth previously released it in Australia and New Zealand through their own label Limelight Distribution, in August last year.

Camino Skies follows six strangers from Australia and New Zealand who walk the 800km pilgrimage across mainland Europe to overcome the personal and physical trauma life has dealt them.

It premiered at Newport Beach Film Festival in April 2019, before winning two awards at New Zealand’s Doc Edge Film Festival.