LFF Women In Film event

Source: Tim P. Whitby/Getty

LFF Women In Film event

Actresses Rosamund Pike and Andrea Riseborough, producer Christine Vachon and directors Tinge Krishnan and Carol Morley were among the over 80 women who came together at the BFI London Film Festival to celebrate women filmmakers at the festival and women working throughout the UK and international film industry and as film journalists on Friday (October 12). 

They were joined by Tricia Tuttle, artistic director of the LFF and Amanda Nevill, chief executive of the BFI.  ”I’m so proud to celebrate more female filmmakers at LFF 2018 than ever before, and the talented women working at the heart of London’s film industry,” said Tuttle. 

The programem of the LFF this year is comprised of 38% female directors across the programme. Half of the films in Official Competition and the Short Film Compettion are directed or co-directed by women filmmakers while  60% of films in the First Feature Competition are directed by a woman.  

“We can support women filmmakers by watching films by women directors, by writing about films by women directors, by talking on social media about films by women directors,” said Tuttle. 

Further high-profile participants included producers Elizabeth Karlsen, Laura Hastings-Smith and Faye Ward, actor Denise Gough and BBC Films’ Eva Yates.

The full list of atendees is below:

  • Abosede Afolashade Ajao ENTITLED Lead Cast
  • Aga Baranowska BFI LFF Programming team
  • Aimara Reques AQUARELA Producer
  • Alexandra Breede BENJAMIN Producer
  • Amanda Jenkas BEEN SO LONG Producer
  • Amanda Nevill BFI CEO
  • Amaya Bañuelos Marco BFI LFF Programming team
  • Anais Canmels SEVANA FILMS Producer
  • Andrea Riseborough LFF JUROR
  • Anna Smith Film Journalist
  • Anne Gartside STXINTERNATIONAL Publicity Director
  • Ashanti Omkar BBC Film Journalist
  • Brenda Emmannus BBC Film and Entertainment Journalist
  • Briony Hanson BRITISH COUNCIL Director of Film
  • Cairo Cannon LFF JUROR
  • Carol Morley OUT OF BLUE Director
  • Caroline Levy COLETTE Co-Producer
  • Catherine Derry BEEN SO LONG Cinematographer
  • Christine Vachon COLETTE Producer
  • Claire Fowler SALAM Writer-Director
  • Clare Binns PICTUREHOUSE ENTERTAINMENT-Joint Managing Director
  • Corrina Antrobus BECHDEL TEST FEST Founder
  • Deborah Davis THE FAVOURITE Screenwriter
  • Denise Gough COLETTE Actor
  • Dr Stacy L. Smith ANNENBERG INCLUSION INITIATIVE Founder and Director
  • Elaine Wong BFI LFF Programming team
  • Elhum Shakerifar OF LOVE & LAW Producer
  • Elizabeth Karlsen COLETTE Producer
  • Emma Duffy MARI Producer
  • Erica Edwards LUSH Producer and Director
  • Eva Yates BBC FILM New Talent Commissioner
  • Faye Ward STAN & OLLIE / WILD ROSE Producer
  • Finn Hailligan Film Journalist
  • Georgia Parris MARI Director
  • Gina Powell AFTER THE SCREAMING STOPS Creative Producer
  • Harry Wootliff ONLY YOU Director
  • Heather Greenwood AFTER THE SCREAMING STOPS Co-Producer
  • Huda Abuzeid FREEDOM FIELDS Producer
  • Jayisha Patel CIRCLE Director
  • Jessica Hynes THE FIGHT Director/ Screenwriter/Actor
  • Jo Faruggia STAN & OLLIE / WILD ROSE Filmmaker
  • Joanna Abeyie HYDEN TALENT Managing Director
  • Joanna Natasegara EVELYN Producer
  • Joanne Dixon COLETTE Production supervisor
  • Julia Horcajo THE FIGHT Producer
  • Kate Muir Film Journalist
  • Kate Pieper
  • Kate Stonehill FAKE NEWS FAIRYTALE Director
  • Laura Hastings Smith THE LITTLE DRUMMER GIRL Producer
  • Leena Yadav RAJMA CHAWAL Writer/Director/Producer
  • Lindsey Dryden BFI FLARE MENTEE
  • Lorna Mann LIONSGATE Senior Vice President of Publicity
  • Louise Simpson BENJAMIN Producer
  • Louise Tutt Film journalist
  • Lucinda Englehart THE ELEPHANT QUEEN Producer
  • Lucy Cohen LFF JUROR
  • Lynn Nwokorie BFI LFF Programming team
  • Madeleine Molyneaux DOOZY, GODESS Producer
  • Maria Delgado BFI LFF Programming team
  • Maria Djurkovic LFF JUROR
  • Marina De Tavira ROMA Actor
  • Melissa Silverstein WOMEN AND HOLLYWOOD Founder
  • Molly Rees THE FIGHT Producer
  • Nadine Marsh-Edwards BEEN SO LONG Producer
  • Nandita Das MANTO Director
  • Naziha Arebi FREEDOM FIELDS Director
  • Nicole Taylor WILD ROSE Screenwriter
  • Pip Eldridge TIMES UP
  • Rebecca Ashdown TOGETHER FILMS Campaign Manager
  • Rebecca Ladbury TIMES UP
  • Rebecca Mark-Lawson IRENE’S GHOST Director
  • Rosamund Pike A PRIVATE WAR Actor
  • Rosanagh Griffiths SPINSTER FILMS Director
  • Sarah Lutton BFI LFF Programming team
  • Séverine Tibi SEVANA FILMS Producer
  • Sophie Brown BFI LFF Programming team
  • Sorcha Bacon Producer
  • Soudade Kaadan THE DAY I LOST MY SHADOW Director
  • Swati Shetty RAJMA CHAWAL Producer
  • Thais Fernandes A FEMALE BODY Director
  • Tinge Krishnan BEEN SO LONG Director
  • Tricia Tuttle BFI LONDON FILM FESTIVAL Artistic Director
  • Valerie Steinberg HAIR WOLF Producer
  • Wendy Mitchell Film Journalist
  • Jen Smith BFI Head of Diversity
  • Anne-Marie Flynn BFI Managing Director of BFI Festivals
  • Anna Bogutskaya BFI LFF Programming Team

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