Content platform Babelgum has announced the shortlist of films for its inaugural Animatron Animation Film Festival.

The jury for the festival includes Saraswathi Balgam, Charlotte Bavasso, Pete Bishop, Isaac Littlejohn Eddy, Tommy Pallotta, Bill Plympton, Frank Rivera, and Jeff Scher.

Cash prizes for finalists total $20,000, with awards given to first place and runner-up contestants in each of the four categories, Humour, Fantasty, Minis and Real Life. There is also a Grand Jury Prize and an Audience Award.

The nominees are:

Humour: Ebony Minus Ivory, My Dad the Evil Genius, Pigeon Impossible, Bruce McCall’s Clear Conscience, Potapych, Little Didi at the Seaside, Polished Off, Sh*t happens, Crash Bang Wallow,Tea and Zombies, Goatsucker, Ant & Len, Smokey the Monkey, Marsipan Striker, Duel, A Film About Poo, 8-bit Waterslide.

Fantasy: Krawl, Shelf, Puppetmaker, Watermelon Love, This Is J03, Noesis, Pilgrim, Your Heart Is a Ball of Light, YESNO, My Friend Is a Cloud, Reap What You Sew.

Minis: Kick It Like Telé, Kinta Dip: Sushi Bar Oceanic, Only in Dreams, Terrafarmer, Buba and the Global Warming, The Tales of Donkey the Whale, Countdown, The Shunning, Over the Fence: Cats, Heaven Does Not Exist, Dog Judo: Meat Sprinkles, Gentleman’s Guide to Villainy, Knit’n’Purl.

Real Life: NY Mug, The Reason I Collect, Coalition of the Willing, Teat Beat of Sex, The Creep, Procrastination, How to Animate, Prayers for Peace.

Winners will be awarded at the Hamptons International Film Festival (Oct 7-11).