Enric Auquer, Maria Rodríguez, Liliana Torres

Source: (Courtesy of Carles Roman)

(Left to right) Enric Auquer, Maria Rodríguez, Liliana Torres

Spanish director Liliana Torres is preparing to shoot Mamífera, the final film in a trilogy of features about relationships and family life that began with her San Sebastian premiere Family Tour and includes Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival competition film What Went Wrong

Mamífera, which is the Spanish word for a female mammal, is scheduled to start shooting at the end of February, and centres on an unwanted pregnancy.

It focuses on Lola, who accidentally gets pregnant at a time when Spanish law required women to reflect for three days before proceeding to terminate a pregnancy. The law, dating from 2010, was rescinded in 2022. The feature spans three days in Lola’s life, supported by her partner.

Mamífera is produced by Miriam Porté at Distinto Films, the company behind Avelina Prat’s Vasil, and co-produced with Carla Sospedra’s Edna Cinema. Sospedra is a producer of Isabel Coixet’s documentary’s The Yellow Ceiling (El Sostre Groc).

Filmax will distribute Mamífera in Spain.

Mamifera stars María Rodríguez, who appeared in Clara Roquet’s Libertad and Enric Auquer who acted in Leticia Dolera’s Perfect Life, a 2019 Canneseries winner.

“I want to contribute to de-stigmatising non-motherhood by explaining some of the inner reasons that can lead to it. I would also like this project to serve as a mirror for other women who have decided not to be mothers and who feel alone and misunderstood,” Torres said.

This will be Torres first purely fiction feature with a professional cast. Her two previous titles were hybrid drama - documentaries.