Children Of The Wicker Man

Source: Unannounced

‘Children Of The Wicker Man’

UK-based sales house Unannounced Film Company has boarded international sales on documentary Children Of The Wicker Man for the Cannes Market.

Justin and Dominic Hardy’s film centres around their father Robin Hardy and the making of his 1973 cult horror film The Wicker Man.

Despite being considered one of the greatest films of all time, Hardy’s sons have a complex relationship with the film and the impact it had on their relationship with their father. Along with researcher Chris Nunn, who also directs the documentary, the pair delve into a box of recently discovered production documents from The Wicker Man and explore themes of independent cinema and fatherhood.

Justin Hardy, who is Bafta- and Emmy-nominated for his historical filmmaking work, said: “These documents are a treasure trove. It was extraordinary to see letters from Christopher Lee, from Anthony Shaffer. There’s an extraordinary amount of written material from every stage of the making of the movie.

“I frequently wish I had never gone through it. But we want to find forgiveness. We want to find reparation. We want to find resolution. Every child wants to find that.”

Children Of The Wicker Man is produced by the University of Birmingham, following a Kickstarter campaign last summer, and with support from partners UCL, the University of Malta and the University of Quebec in Montreal.