In Berlin this week, Norwegian culture minister Trond Giske has promised increased Government support of the local film industry.

Since coming to power in late 2005, Norway's left-centre alliance has pumped an extra 6.2 million Euros into the Norwegian Film Fund, taking the overall spending to 32 million Euros per annum. Asked if he planned to find further money, Giske commented:

'Yes, definitely. It's one of the areas within the culture budget that we are increasing the most.'

Giske refused to be drawn on how much extra cash he'll find for Norwegian film. Details of this year's spending plans will be confirmed in October. However, Giske acknowledged that the Government is likely to set up a new fund to invest in P&A and marketing for Norwegian films that are released aboard.

'We have a lot of focus on the making of the movies and on the audience.
But the link between those two is often forgotten in discussion of film policy,' Giske said. 'That is the right way of thinking. It creates a positive circle. If you
get people to see Norwegian movies and they have a positive experience,
they will be curious about new Norwegian movies coming out and so you create an audience.'