South Korea’s submission to the upcoming Academy Awards’ Best Foreign-Language Film category will be historical drama The Throne.

The yet-to-be-released film is directed by Lee Joon-ik, who was previously responsible for the hit period piece King And The Clown.

Top actors Song Kang-ho (The Attorney) and Yoo Ah-star (Veteran) star in The Throne, which is based on a notoriously fraught and tragic episode from Joseon Dynasty history.

When crown prince Sado is accused by his own mother of treason, his father King Yeongjo is politically compelled to order him to take his own life. As the prince’s supporters risk their lives to oppose this decision en masse, the king has him locked up in a wooden rice chest for days - fatally - without food or water.

Produced by Tiger Pictures, The Throne is set for local release Sept 16. Showbox/Mediaplex is handling distribution and international sales. 

The Korean Film Council’s committee to choose the submission said it decided on The Throne for its potential to get nominated and distributed successfully in North America.

It added that although the film is based on Korean history, its content had universality that foreigners could empathize with as well, and lauded the quality of the direction.

South Korea has yet to succeed in getting a submission nominated to the Academy Awards’ foreign language category.