At the start of Cannes, German outfit Arri Worldsales has announced it will handle international sales on Exit Marrakech, the latest feature from Oscar winning German director Caroline Link (Nowhere In Africa.)

The film, currently shooting, sees Link return to Africa. The cast is headlined by Ulrich Tukur, Samuel Schneider and Hafsia Herzi.

Producers are Peter Herrmann, Ute Krämer (Desert Flower Filmproduktion) and Antonio Exacoustos (B.A. Produktion (Arri Group).

The story focuses on the reserved relationship between seventeen-year-old Ben and hisfather Heinrich, who is an internationally renowned theatre director. During one of Heinrich’s assignments in Morocco, Ben falls in love with a local girl and follows her on an adventurous journey into the beautiful landscapes of Morocco. When Heinrich and Ben end up in a life-threatening situation, it’s their last chance to unite as a family.

Exit Marrakech, shooting in German, French, English and Arabic, is due for delivery in spring next year. It takes its place on Arri’s Cannes slate alongside Dutch auteur Paula Van Der Oest’s The Domino Effect and Wolfgang Groos’s family picture, The Vampire Sisters.