Zak Kadison’s Blacklight Transmedia has struck a deal with publisher Author Solutions (ASI) and its new production company FuseFrame as part of the launch of

Blacklight Transmedia and Author Solutions are partners on, an online forum whereby the parties review pitches with an eye to offering a possible first-look deal.

Pitches are also made available in the Hollywood Pitch Database, a unique keyword/genre searchable service for entertainment executives.

“Since our inception, Blacklight has focused on forward thinking and innovative ways to create franchises,” Blacklight founder and CEO Kadison said. “Working with Hollywood Pitch will allow us to discover original ideas and develop transmedia franchises in a groundbreaking way. We are truly providing creative people around the world with the opportunity to have their ideas considered for development into compelling, marketable projects across a variety of mediums.”

“At ASI, we are committed to helping content creators get their ideas and work in front of the right audience”, Marcus Chait, director of film and new media for FuseFrame and Author Solutions, the parent company of Hollywood Pitch, said.

“With Blacklight as our partner, Hollywood Pitch customers are putting their ideas in front of one of the most dynamic companies in Hollywood. We could not be more pleased to be working with Zak and his team.”

For more information visit the HollywoodPitch website.