Pathe is launching international sales of the four-part series at MIPTV.

Pathe International is at MIPTV launching international sales on The Kingdom of The Oceans. Universum has already taken rights for Germany.

The 4 x 52’ HD series is directors Jacques Cluzaud and Jacques Perrin’s follow-up to the 2010 hit documentary film Oceans.

The pair, who also worked on Winged Migration and Microcosmos) started work on the Oceans project six years ago, and from the beginning they envisioned that at TV series would accompany the film.

The four episodes – with a budget of $80m — will include more than 100 different species.

Perrin says: “In The Kingdom Of The Oceans, we were able to do what no filmmaker or scientist had ever before done—to move on and under the sea at the speed of the marine life that criss-crosses the world’s oceans, and experience life from their perspective.”

Cluzard added: “The Kingdom Of The Oceans allows the audience to be a part of marine life—to share all the emotions evoked by the exploration of the last great wild expanse: wonder, fear, calm, tenderness, violence, vitality, power. We took the time to allow the animals to invite us in. We waited to become a fish among fish.”

Producers are Perrin and Nicolas Mauvernay, of a Galatée Films production in association with Pathé, France Televisions, Arte and Mizar Films.