David Pritchard is adapting his book Shooting the Cook, about British TV chef Keith Floyd, into a feature.

Pritchard will produce the film, which will recount the often volatile relationship between Pritchard and Floyd during their time filming the various Floyd On… series, including Floyd On Food, Far Flung Floyd and Floyd’s Fjord Fiesta, which Pritchard produced during the 1980s and 90s.

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Principal photography is due to start next year, with casting and financing currently underway.

Floyd, famed for his erratic persona and eccentric presenting style, was one of the pioneers of the cult of the celebrity chef.

Pritchard, who claims that during his time with Floyd there was the odd moment where he would, “have eagerly swapped the camera for a revolver,” says that the movie will be “about fabulous food, unbridled optimism and fear…tempered with a huge dollop of loathing…It’s a bit like Sideways except there’s more cassoulet in it.”

The film is likely to include music from The Stranglers, whose songs were featured in the original shows.

Pritchard is producing together with Visionman’s Iain Farmer.