Doug Liman is preparing to direct Attica, an insider’s view of the 1971 Attica state prison riot to be based on a script by Precious screenplay nominee Geoffrey Fletcher.

The film will explore the infamous event that captivated the nation over the course of four bloody days and the firestorm of controversy that ensued.

Thirty-two inmates and ten hostages were killed, almost all of them as a result of an assault by state police officers.

Liman is producing with David Bartis under their Hypnotic production label and has a personal stake in the story. His father Arthur Liman served as chief counsel to the New York State Special Commission on Attica Prison and co-authored a report that criticised the Governor of the time Nelson Rockefeller and the prison authorities for their role.

Elliot Abbott is also producing and is financing the project while Liman’s longtime associate Avrum Ludwig rounds out the producer roster.

“My father’s report literally reads like a page turner,” Liman said. “It is filled with stories of guards and prisoners from vastly different backgrounds learning to trust each other in the face of real human tragedy.”

“Working with a remarkable director in Doug Liman whose family history binds him personally to this project, I hope to create opportunities for reexamination of this dramatic crossroad in our nation’s history while contributing to the current dialogue on the value of protecting everyone’s rights,” Fletcher said.

CAA represents Liman, Bartis, Fletcher and Abbott and is representing North American rights. Fletcher is also represented by Leslie Conliffe at IPG.