JUNE 9 UPDATE: The studio confirmed on Tuesday it has never shot nor does it plan to shoot its Roald Dahl adaptation on the Faroe Islands as an anti-whale hunt petition focused on the North Atlantic settlement neared 50,000 signatures.

Steven Spielberg

Animal rights campaigners have urged Steven Spielberg and others to stay away from the islands, however a spokesperson for the studio stressed the petition had no actual relevance to the filmmaker, studio or The BFG production.

It is understood the Faroe Islands was at one point among a number of locations under consideration for second unit footage before DreamWorks heads opted to stay away from it and other locales for various reasons.

Principal photography continues in Vancouver. Disney will distribute children’s The BFG in the US in 2016 and handles select international territories alongside Mister Smith Entertainment.

A story on Screendaily on Monday implied The BFG was set to shoot on the Faroes and we are happy to set the record straight.