Karin Chien, Ted Kroeber, Gina Kwon and Meg LeFauve are the instructors for the seven-week Producers Lab in Los Angeles.

The 11 filmmakers and nine projects are: Megha Kadakia [pictured]’s A Day With Dandekar; Brent Hoff and Malcolm Pullinger’s El Diablo Rojo; Anil Baral’s Ethel; Angela C Lee’s Lee; Shrihari Sathe’s Man With Van; Rikki Jarrett’s Pit; Gil Kofman and Stacy Raskin’s Raw; Jonathan Sheldon’s Televisionaries; and Anna Kerrigan’s Three.

Meanwhile the 5th annual Sloan Producers Grant has gone to Hoff and Pullinger, who will receive a $25,000 development grant for their eco-thriller El Diablo Rojo about a killer squid threat.

“We’re thrilled to continue our relationship with the Alfred P Sloan Foundation and to be able to once again award a Sloan Producers Grant,” said Josh Welsh, Film Independent’s director of artist development. “Two of the films we’ve awarded this grant to in the past, Future Weather and Valley Of Saints, are in post-production now. I look forward to seeing El Diablo Rojo follow the same path.”