Fox International Productions has announced the latest project in its burgeoning remakes roster, taking rights to the Argentine social satire from FilmSharks Int’l.

Buena Vida Delivery follows the exploits of a manipulative beautiful woman who gets her family to live rent-free in the homes of her boyfriends.

FilmSharks Int’l head Guido Rud licensed rights to the original in more than 35 territories

FIP vp of production Anna Kokourina spotted the original. Vice-president head of production Marco Mehlitz in Germany and head of production Cristina Fanato in Brazil will oversee the projects in their territories.

“Guido Rud has a talent for finding local films that can conceptually appeal to international audiences,” said Kokourina. “Buena Vida Delivery is a delightful story with universal appeal. I am looking forward to working on the remakes with my FIP colleagues.”

“We connected a lot with Fox’s enthusiasm as they really understood the high concept inside the original picture, which could be organic to its remake and [made for] a very fluid negotiation where we created a very innovative deal that satisfies both parties for different possible remake language versions if they are created along the way,” said Rud.