The Switzerland-based distributor is launching its own production arm under the banner Kiss the Frog Films Gmbh.

The first project to come out of the new production company, which will be based out of First Hand’s head office in Zurich, will be the documentary feature Women 40’s (working title) about the challenges facing women around the world as they enter middle age.

It will be distributed worldwide by First Hand Films, who will focus on online platforms, mobile devices and other new media.

The new production arm will develop and produce its own in house projects, as well as co-producing and exec producing creative documentaries and other non fiction programming. It will focus on transmedia projects.

Esther van Messel, CEO of First Hand who will also head up the new production arm said: “Since I established First Hand Films as a distribution company back in 1998, over the years our activities have also involved raising funds, co-developing and executive producing on various projects to some degree. 

We have continued to build momentum with this side of the business, and as such, we feel it makes perfect sense to now establish a production company.”