The first co-production deal has been signed out of Trans Atlantic Partners 2013.

German producer Sol Bondy of One Two Films is working with Jennifer Fox of US-based Zohe Films to co-produce Fox’s feature The Tale. Vibeke Vindelov is also co-producing.

The documentary director (My Reincarnation, Flying) makes her fictional debut with the 2012 Binger Lab project.

The film is now financing and casting and will be shot in the US in summer 2014.

“I had promised my business partners not to bring home any new projects, but when I read the script for The Tale I was blown away,” says Bondy.

Oren Moverman and Jack Lechner serve as executive producers.

Co-presenters of TAP are the Eric Pommer Institut, Strategic Partners and IFP. The programme is aimed at facilitating co-productions and training producers to work together on independent features.

Bondy was one of Screen’s Future Leaders: Producers in 2013.