Among the new productions on Screenbase are horror film Ward 8, and romantic comedy Sparks And Embers.

Alexander Williams is directing an apocalyptic horror film set in a hospital, similar in style to Paranormal Activity. Ward 8 is currently shooting with Simon Phillips, Rita Ramnani and Peter Barrett among the cast. Alessandro Leone and Alain Wildberger are producing for Press On Features, with Jonathan Sothcott as executive producer. No distributor has been announced yet but the release is planned for next year.

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Also currently shooting, at London’s Southbank, is Gavin Boyter’s Sparks And Embers, which centres on a couple whose four year relationship has broken down and who meet to say a final farewell on a Christmas evening, only to discover that they still have feelings for each other. Kris Marshall [pictured] and Annelise Hesme are starring in this romantic comedy which is co-produced by Green Screen Productions and Cinemagine. Shooting will continue until early next year with a release planned for autumn 2012.