The New Hungarian National Film Fund has backed another project, Balint Kenyeres’ debut feature Hier.

Hier is about a fortysomething highway engineer is sent on a job only to bump into the love of his life after 20 years.

The cast is led by Maurice Benichou, Jesper Christensen, Vlad Ivanov, Nastassja Kinski and Stellan Skarsgard.

Producers are Cameo Film (Hungary), Les Films de L’Apres-midi (France), and Bob Film (Sweden). Backers include the Hungarian National Film Fund, Hungarian Ministry of National
Resources, CNC France, MEDIA, Film i Vast.

The film is about a 50-year-old man who runs an international civil engineering company, when he has to travel to North Africa for work he is confronted with memories of his youth. There is also a film-noir style investigation when his past love disappears. It will shoot in Morocco in autumn 2012.

As reported last week, the fund is now also selling films internationally.

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It will bring a further title to EFM buyers with feature animation The Tragedy of Man, directed by Oscar nominee (Sisyphus) and Palme d’Or winner (The Struggle) Marcell Jankovics. The film is adapted from the 19th century dramatic poem by Imre Madach.

The story is about Adam, Eve and Lucifer travelling through significant moments in history.

The project is produced by Koncz Károlyné, Kő Koncz, Edit, Mezei Kő, Borbála Mezei for Magyar Rajzfilm.

The new fund has been operational since September 2011.