UK industry scriptwriting promotion programme backed by Curtis Brown.

London-based script consultancy Industrial Scripts has launched two new programmes to assist scriptwriters.

The company’s new script promotion programme aims to champion unrepped talent coming through its coverage system.

Talent Connector, backed by agency Curtis Brown, is open for submissions year round and will culminate each December with the announcement of the Industrial Scripts Gold List, a selection of the best ten scripts to pass through the coverage system. Selected scripts will receive prizes.

The outfit also recently launched a script re-write service through two ex-UK Film Council executives: The King’s Speech creative editor Aaron Anderson and The Iron Lady story editor Jon Croker.

Evan Leighton-Davis of Industrial Scripts said: “Five years ago the first line on the script filter was the agencies. Now, however, many agents can’t even accept unsolicited material due to the volume of submissions, leaving new writers scratching their heads as to where to turn. We’re confident we’ve created an everyone-wins filtration system with Talent Connector.

“Writers receive industry-standard script feedback from vastly experienced development professionals, and the opportunity to have their work championed at no extra cost; while executives, agents and producers can access already-vetted scripts without exposing themselves to an unmanageable surfeit of material. Similar programmes have been highly successful in America and we are confident we’ll unearth great talent in the UK too”.

Nick Marston, MD of The Curtis Brown Group said: “As an agency time-management is becoming increasingly important in the crowded digital landscape we all now inhabit. As the volume of scripts and writers grows year-on-year it’s important to think of innovative ways of assessing and tracking new talent, and we are delighted to be backing the respected script consultants within Industrial Scripts and their Talent Connector programme, which we think will become the main access and entry point for new talent in the industry”.

Industrial Scripts has been active in script development, training and the education sector since January 2010.