The Ape’s Swedish director lands a starry local cast for his female-led family drama.

Swedish director Jesper Ganslandt [pictured], who previously directed festival favorites Falkenberg Farewell and The Ape is getting ready to shoot a family drama with an impressive female cast.

His new project Blondie is about a family, where the three adult sisters move home with their mother, once again experiencing sibling rivalry and feelings of hate and love. The mother is played by iconic stage and film actress Marie Goranzon, while the sisters are played by Fucking Amal actress Alexandra Dahlstrom, stage, film and TV actress Helena af Sandeberg and model/actress/presenter Carolina Gynning.

Olle Sarri, who played the lead in The Ape, has one of the few male roles.

The $2m film starts shooting in Trollhattan this spring with Jesper Kurlandsky producing for Fasad and Film i Vast.