The UK director is currently shooting his debut feature Borrowed Time as part of Film London’s Microwave scheme.

UK director Jules Bishop is developing his second feature, a post apocalyptic comedy called Cafe Finito.

Bishop has written the script and will direct the quirky comedy about a man who tries to open a fine dining restaurant in the aftermath of the apocalypse.  

It will be produced by Olivier Kaempfer for his London production company Parkville Pictures.

Kaempfer, who produced the BAFTA nominated short Ralph in 2009 is raising the financing for the project through a separate arm of his company, Parkville Pictures Development.

Cafe Finito will be the second feature for Bishop and Kaempfer following their London set comedy drama Borrowed Time, which is currently shooting as part of Film London’s Microwave scheme. The pair, who are both London Film School graduates, are hoping to shoot in 2012.

“It’s a bit like The Road and The Book Of Eli, but a comedy version” explains Bishop, who says the project has been loosely inspired by his father who believed that the world would end in 1975 as part of his religion. “When it didn’t, my dad went a bit haywire. I was always brought up with this sense of impending doom, so to make my own light of the situation I thought I would write a comedy about it,” says Bishop.

“It’s higher concept, so it lends itself to a higher budget than Borrowed Time, but it will have some of the same tone” added Kaempfer.