Actress talks about new projects as Meet Monica Velour opens the second Aruba International Film Festival.

Kim Cattrall has announced plans to re-team with her Meet Monica Velour [pictured] writer-director Keith Bearden on another project.

The pair were at the Aruba International Film Festival this weekend, which kicked off its second year with independent comedy-drama Meet Monica Velour. Details weren’t given about the new film that they’re discussing, only that Cattrall would again star for the New York-based director.

Meet Monica Velour, which world premiered at Tribeca in 2010 and was recently released in the US, is about a geeky high school student who tracks down his idol, a former porn star from the 1970s who is down on her luck. Cattrall gained 20 pounds for the harder-hitting role, in which she appears far less glamorous than usual.

With Bearden, a first-time feature writer-director, Cattrall said she was very impressed with his work on Meet Monica Velour. “He knew his shit, we were so in synch,” she said.

Cattrall recently appeared in drama miniseries Any Human Heart with Channel 4 in the UK, and said: “I love working in TV in England. They’re not interested in casting me as Samantha [Jones, her famed role in the Sex And The City TV series and films]. Across the pond, they see me as an actress who plays any roles.”

She also announced that she has plans to produce a project with BBC television, but she won’t star in it. The project is top secret for now but Cattrall said it would shoot after she finishes the Broadway run of Private Lives in spring 2012.

Also in the UK, she has just played Cleopatra in Antony And Cleopatra at the Liverpool Playhouse for director

Janet Suzman. “We’re hoping tot take it to the West End next year,” she noted. “It’s the Hamlet for women; it’s been the most challenging experience I’ve ever had, and I can’t wait to do it again.”

The Aruba International Film Festival continues through Jun 16, with other guests including Jonathan Demme, actress Barbara Mori (Kites), Milcho Manchevski, Lech Majewski, and Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson.

The festival is led by artistic director Claudio Masenza along with festival founders Giuseppe Cioccarelli and Jonathan Vieira.