EXCLUSIVE: Shortlist features six former Screen Stars Of Tomorrow.

Lady Macbeth

Lady Macbeth backer Creative England has revealed the eight projects and filmmaking teams from iFeatures’ fourth development slate shortlisted to be taken forward to the full development phase.

Three of these films will be selected to go into production in 2017.

The final eight films and filmmaker teams are:

· Make Up – writer/director Claire Oakley, producer Emily Morgan. Set in Cornwall.

· Sleeping City – writer/directors Manjeet Gill, Andrew Walker and Matthew Carter, producer Emily Morgan. Set in Birmingham.

· Seaholme - writer/director Rob Savage, writer David Sugarman, producers Rob Watson and Paul Van Carter. Set in Mersea Island, Essex.

· The Premises – writer/director Rose Glass, producer Oliver Kassman. Set in the Lake District.

· Retreat – director Ted Evans, writer E.V Crowe, producers Michelle Eastwood and Alex Usborne. Set in and around Bristol.

· Blow Up Dolls – director Carolina Giammetta, writer Joy Wilkinson, producer Jude Goldrei. Set in Burnley.

· Equinox – writer/director Matthew Murdoch, producer Lisa James. Set in Swindon.

· Perfect Ten – writer/director Eva Riley, producer Jacob Thomas. Set in Brighton.

The full development phase for this year’s shortlisted teams starts with a three-day workshop in Bristol this week. Creative England runs the programme with support from the BFI and BBC Films.

Four out of the eight films are led by a female director, which is in line with Creative England’s aim to achieve a 50:50 parity of support for filmmakers across gender.

Recent iFeatures-backed projects include Toronto titles Lady Macbeth and The Levelling and SXSW title Spaceship.

Peccadillo Pictures recently acquired UK distribution rights to The Levelling, Altitude Film Distribution bought the U.K. rights to Lady Macbeth - which was also acquired by Roadside Attractions for the US - and Trinity has confirmed UK distribution rights to Spaceship.

Brek Taylor, Head of Film, Creative England, said: “I have been incredibly impressed by the iFeatures projects, and so am excited to see how they progress as a result of the training available in the next phase. The following months should prove hugely beneficial to film-makers as they consider how they are going to transition from scripts to screen. 

“From my own experience, emergent film-makers need a greater awareness of the film business and market place. Moving forward, we want to offer film-makers stronger and deeper skills development across creative and business areas and keep our success record growing.”

IFeatures-backed projects include Toronto titles Lady Macbeth and The Levelling and SXSW title Spaceship.

Peccadillo Pictures recently acquired UK distribution rights to The Levelling, Altitude Film Distribution bought the U.K. rights to Lady Macbeth, and Trinity has confirmed distribution rights to Spaceship.

Full details of the selected projects:

Seaholme (Thriller/horror)
The turbulent lives of a group of bullied teenagers begin to influence a mysterious creature they discover washed up on a beach, with terrifying results.
Setting: Mersea Island, Essex
Team: Writer/Director: Rob Savage; Writer: David Sugarman; Producers: Rob Watson and Paul Van Carter

Sleeping City (Cyber drama)
An anime graphic novelist and a cosplay webcam girl form a bizarre online relationship during their fleeting stay in a Birmingham apartment block.
Setting: Birmingham
Team: Writer/Directors: Manjeet Gill, Andrew Walker and Matthew Carter; Producer: Emily Morgan

Make Up (Psychological Thriller)
Set amongst hundreds of identical mobile homes, Make Up follows a young woman who is forced to question her sexuality when she is stalked by another woman.  
Setting: Cornwall
Team: Writer/Director: Claire Oakley; Producer: Emily Morgan

Retreat (Thriller)
When deaf student Grace abandons the hearing world to live in an all-deaf commune, she is forced to question the morality of the life she has chosen - is this the utopia she’s always dreamed of, or a nightmare waiting to happen?
Setting: Bristol and Avon
Team: Director/ writer: Ted Evans; Writer: E.V Crowe; Producers: Alex Usborne and Michelle Eastwood

The Premises (Drama)
When a fledgling cult leader finds her position threatened by her most loyal disciple, a deadly gulf emerges between upholding her principles and staying in power.
Setting: Lake District
Team: Writer/Director: Rose Glass; Producer: Oliver Kassman

Blow Up Dolls (Sci-fi comedy)
A sci-fi comedy set in Burnley, about a woman who rebuilds herself as an indestructible cyborg to cope with life as a single mum.
Setting: Burnley
Team: Director: Carolina Giammetta; Writer: Joy Wilkinson; Producer: Jude Goldrei

Equinox (Drama)
A shy twenty-year-old tries to make sense of himself, yet the one thing he wants, is the only thing holding him back.
Setting: Swindon
Team: Writer/Director: Matthew Murdoch; Producer: Lisa James

Perfect Ten (Drama)
A teenage gymnast finds an escape from her insecurities when her long-lost brother introduces her to an exciting world of scooter crime.
Setting: Brighton
Team: Writer/Director: Eva Riley; Producer: Jacob Thomas