House Macgowan teams with Film & Music Entertainment to produce Needlepoint.

Australia’s House Macgowan is working with UK-based Film & Music Entertainment to produce Needlepoint, written by Judy Morris and to be directed by Gary Love.

Needlepoint is a classic and intensely dark thriller from one of our best writers, ” said Marian Macgowan who is with the project in Berlin, “It’s a tense, original and sometimes shocking take on the relationship between a young couple affected by Munchhausen’s Syndrome by proxy.”

The UK-Australian co-production will shoot on a budget of A$6m on the far north coast of New South Wales.

Morris previously worked on Happy Feet, Babe, and The Eye of The Storm, which is currently in post directed by Fred Schepisi and starring Geoffrey Rush and Charlotte Rampling.

Love previously directed Sugarhouse starring Andy Serkis.

“We have been discussing a number of projects with Gary Love,” added F&ME’s Mike Downey, “and after much consideration this is the one that stuck. It’s a dark thriller perfectly suited to Gary’s vision and it’s a whole new direction for Judy. And this is our first foray into co-producing with Australia, which we are looking forward to very much.”