The parent company of Solar Pictures has signed a deal to produce the English-language The Girl Who Knew Too Much.  Mandragora CEO and Solar Pictures co-founder Bobby Paunescu wrote and will direct the project.

The story centres on the love story between the Chinese owner of a world-renowned fashion brand and an international supermodel. 

“It’s exciting that Solar Pictures and Mandragora International Group are on the front line of the box-office boom that is taking place in China,” Paunescu said. “To be producing this film with China and have our brand new company in the mix in what is considered to be the fastest growing and soon to be largest film market in the world is an incredible honor.”  

In March, Paunescu teamed with former Comerica Entertainment group manager Jared Underwood, film and television producer Kearie Peak and business affairs and acquisitions expert Christopher Taylor to launch Solar Pictures. 

Amy Beecroft is head of distribution on the venture, which aims to finance and produce four to five commercially appealing films a year.

Paunescu co-produced Cristian Mungiu’s Cannes competition entry Beyond The Hills.