Spanish outfit CLO D’Art Productions will make a $3m (€2.5m) drama titled At 2:15 with a US co-producer and a mixture of leading American and Spanish actors, including Nick Nolte.

The film will be the debut feature of local director Maria De Kannon Cle who has also written the script, which revolves around the real and hypothetical lives of a group of people whose paths cross in the cultural sites of the city of Madrid. 

Shooting will take place in the Spanish capital with the support of the Madrid Film Commission. Nick Nolte will play one of the lead roles alongside Angela Molina (The Way, Broken Embraces) and Fernando Guillen Cuervo (Quantum Of Solace).

“We are also close to confirming a leading US actress for one of the roles and will announce the US co-producer soon as well,” De Kannon Cle told ScreenDaily.

De Kannon Cle also serves as festival director of the Filma Madrid event, which takes place in March and April and promotes small art-house films.