New York and Norway-based producer Linda Saetre (pictured) of Saetre Film has optioned Vendela Vida’s award-winning book Let The Northern Lights Erase Your Name.

Vida is adapting the screenplay to her latest book about a woman’s search for the truth behind her parentage as she travels to the Arctic Circle. Vida previously co-wrote the screenplay to Away We Go.

Saetre, the former vice-president of development at March Of The Penguins producer Bonne Pioche’s New York office, is in Cannes to explore director, talent, co-producers and financiers on both sides of the Atlantic.

The film will be shot in New York state, Helsinki, Finland, Norway, and possibly Sweden. The film will be mostly English and the Scandinavian language of sami.

“Ever since I traveled with Vendela to Lapland,” Saetre said. “I have been dreaming of making this story into film. That Scandinavians do not make more films set amongst the Samis beats me. The Sami culture is an unbelievable source for history, drama, love, the nomadic lifestyle, and respect of nature.”