Independent Producers Scotland calls for tax on cinema tickets to go towards fund.

Independent Producers Scotland (IPS), the network of Scottish producers set up last year to progress the local industry, has laid out a proposal for a new Film Production Fund for Scotland.

The IPS proposes that all cinema tickets in Scotland should be zero-rated for VAT, with the 20% previously collected as VAT becoming a levy to be paid into a film production fund.

The network estimates that the levy could generate £23.1m for the fund, which it says would have a “transformative” effect on the local industry.

“We are confident that the Scottish public would value the idea that they were supporting their indigenous film industry, at no additional cost,” read an IPS statement.

The IPS go on to suggest that the new fund could be administered by a new Film Agency: “Scotland is the only country in Europe without a dedicated film agency.  Many film producers think that Creative Scotland is a generalised arts body which is not appropriate for the needs of the film industry or its development.”

It also proposes to exclude the subsidised cinema sector - the regional film theatres and festivals - from the levy. 

The IPS, which claims to “represent the clear and coherent voice of producers in Scotland”, currently comprises around 40 film and TV companies.