The South Korean powerhouse has entered into a co-production partnership with Blumhouse Productions and Ivanhoe Pictures

John Penotti

The partnership will jointly develop and produce six Korean language genre films over five years.

Blumhouse and Showbox will select the projects and Ivanhoe will fully finance, while Showbox will manage production as well as marketing and distribution in South Korea.

“We aim to recruit new writers and directors with unique ideas in Korea,” said Showbox CEO Jeong-Hun You. “I hope this will become an opportunity to revive the Korean thriller-horror film market and for capable Korean producers, writers and directors to advance into Hollywood, reaching a global audience.”

“We have always admired Showbox and are excited to partner with them on these co-productions while extending our relationship with Ivanhoe,” said Blumhouse CEO Jason Blum. “We look forward to bringing our love of genre to Korean audiences.”

“When it comes to great storytelling and quality production in Korean cinema, the Showbox team have a stellar track record,” said Ivanhoe vice-chairman John Penotti (pictured). “Our partnership with Showbox and Blumhouse will break new ground in the already robust Korean marketplace.”

The deal marks the second major international alliance for Showbox after it signed an exclusive agreement with China’s Huayi Brothers to co-produce at least six films over three years.

Blumhouse and Ivanhoe previously partnered with Phantom Films to produce local-language genre movies in India.

CAA brokered the deal on behalf of Blumhouse with Brian Kornreich for Ivanhoe Pictures.