After shooting in Warsaw and London, director Bartosz Dombrowski [pictured] has now moved on to Miami, continuing the shoot for his documentary road movie Six Degrees.

The film is a unique project based on Stanley Milgram’s theory of “six degrees of separation” – that every person in the world can be reached via six personal connections (the theory has been popularised in the movie parlour game Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon).

The filmmakers selected a woman in Warsaw, Poland and have since linked her to protagonists in other countries (starting with London and now Miami). The final and seventh protagonist in the chain will be 46-year-old Marco Antonio, who lives in the Mexican mountains (a destination selected at random). The filmmakers are letting fate take them around the world to connect the chain from Poland to Mexico. Every person in the chain will tell their own personal story – the first protagonist is 25-year-old punk rocker Martyna Zaloga.

The filmmakers say they will also touch upon bigger subjects: “Do we care about our friendships? Do we have a moment while being in a rush to stop and think what happens to people who used to be close to us?”

The film started shooting in June with a crew of four: director Dombrowski, cinematographer Wojtek Zielinski, sound director Blazej Kafarski, and production manager Kaja Domeracka. The Mexican crew is led by cinematographer Daniel Blanco Villanueva.

Producers are Anna Wydra for Otter Films and Tomasz Tokarski for East Pictures, both based in Poland. Mobile phone company Nokia is also a partner on the project.

Six Degrees was presented in July at Karlovy Vary’s Docu Talents from the East.

Wydra previously participated in Docu Talents with her 2009 production Rabbit a la Berlin, which was Oscar nominated.

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