Los Angeles-based Slingshot Global Media, which launched in February in association with the busy TPG Growth, has signed a first-look deal with Brian McGreevy, Lee Shipman and Philipp Meyer’s new production company.n

El Jefe will also be based in Los Angels and aims to target projects that will transition acclaimed novellists into creators of scripted television.

“McGreevy, Shipman, and Meyer are talented writers who have proven themselves as entrepreneurial producers,” said Slingshot Global Media CEO David Ellender. “We can’t wait to begin working together to develop television shows that appeal to today’s audience.”

El Jefe has already optioned two major novels under the deal: American Rust, Meyer’s debut that centres on a troubled Pennsylvania police chief, and Vanished, Wil S Hylton’s tale of the 60-year search for US bombers who went missing in WWII.

“In forming this company, we set out to do something groundbreaking and knew that our ambitions would best fit the television space,” said McGreevy, Shipman and Meyer in a joint statement. “We can’t imagine being in business with a better company than Slingshot Global Media for this new venture.”

Slingshot Global Media recently announced the Keanu Reeves television series Rain.