The Ford Brothers’ sequel [pictured] now in post; first-look trailer to be shown in Cannes.

British director, writer and producer team The Ford Brothers are in post on The Dead 2: India.

The follow-up to their acclaimed African-set zombie road movie The Dead, the sequel centres on an American engineer in a race against time to reach his pregnant girlfriend, enlisting the help of an orphan street kid to make the 300 mile journey across deadly landscapes as a zombie apocalypse threatens the entire nation.

Produced by Latitude Films, in association with Road Trip Pictures, The Dead 2: India is the first international horror film to be shot in India. It filmed for five weeks in locations including Rajasthan, Delhi and Mumbai.

Howard Ford commented: “It wasn’t a case of any exotic location would do. There had to be a reason to place this epic love story somewhere beautiful where it could resonate with subtext and meaning. We researched India and every location we looked at seemed to have astonishing landscapes, dramatic natural features, spectacular flora and fauna and dazzling light. All offered ideal locations and shooting opportunities.”

A first-look trailer for the sequel will be shown in Cannes.