This week Screenbase features a joint project by Reinhard Kloosse and Holger Tappe, the debut films by Paula Ortiz and Christophe Sahr, as well as a production by Sebastian Mantilla.

Constantin Film Produktion, Ambient Entertainment and White Horse Pictures are currently producing the first German 3-D feature animation, Die Konferenz Der Tiere. It is co-directed by Reinhard Kloosse and Holger Tappe, who also produce the film, with Martin Moszkowicz as executive producer.

Inspired by Erich Kästner’s 1949 classic, the film centres on a group of animals in the African savannah, where following a water shortage, the reserve is taken over by humans, prompting the animals to hold a conference. The voice cast is headed by Christoph Maria Herbst, Bastian Pastewka, Oliver Kalkofe, Thomas Fritsch and Ralf Schmitz. Kloosse co-wrote the script with Oliver Huzly. The film will be sold internationally by Timeless Films and will be distributed by Constantin Film in Germany and SolotresD in Spain, with the official release date for Germany set for October 7.

Paula Ortiz has started shooting her debut feature, De Tu Ventana A La Mía  in Aragón, Spain this month, which is produced by Puy Oria for Oria Films and is the first feature for Amapola Films. The drama recounts the lives of three women who live in different eras and worlds, portrayed by Maribel Verdú, Leticia Dolera, Luisa Gavasa. Shooting is scheduled to finish at the end of July and Alta Films will release the film in Spain.

Another debut feature is shooting in France at the moment. Voie Rapide is directed by Christophe Sahr, who also co-wrote the script with Olivier Gorce and Élodie Monlibert. Johan Libéreau plays 20-something Alex, whose life completely changes after he causes a car accident that has fatal consequences. Produced by Florence Borelly from Sésame Films, the drama is set to wrap shooting in early August and will be distributed by Sophie Dulac Distribution in France. Negotiations for an international sales agent are under way.  

Daniel Brühl, Maria De Medeiros and Pilar Andrés will lead the cast in Sebastian Mantilla’s Canal, co-produced by Spain’s Novart Media Films and Portugal’s Filmes Liberdade. Mantilla also wrote the screenplay for this 1.7m feature, which will start shooting in December this year. Bianca Smanio produces for Spain.

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