Uma Thurman will star in three shorts in 2014 written and directed by rising filmmakers to be produced under the auspices of the Jameson First Shot competition.

The international short film competition offers three aspiring filmmakers from the US, Russia and South Africa the chance to have their film made with Thurman, supported by Kevin Spacey in his role as creative director of Trigger Street Productions.

Dana Brunetti, president of Trigger Street Productions, will produce the three films with his team.

“What excites me about being involved with Jameson First Shot is that I love the idea of finding and discovering young talent – it’s what makes the film business alive,” said Thurman.

“Even though we’re making short films I don’t think anyone should feel limited in this form. If you look back over my work I’ve been many different characters, so people should feel completely open to write whatever they are passionate about.”

“[Thurman] is remarkable and I’m thrilled Uma has said yes,” said Spacey. “Her work has always been unafraid and brave, so it doesn’t surprise me that she’s jumped with such commitment and enthusiasm into our short film project. I think it gives our filmmakers a very exciting opportunity to write for an actress of such range and skill. I look forward to seeing what the entrants come up with.”

Nearly 12m people have watched the award-winning films from the first two years of the competition. For further details about how to enter the competition click here.