In the absence of a co-production treaty between Brazil and the US, trade groups representing the two countries will sign this Thursday (October 3) an agreement  dedicated to building a strategic partnership in the sectors of film, television and new media production.

The Interstate Association Of Audiovisual Industry (SICAV-RJ) from Rio de Janeiro and the Producers Guild Of America (PGA) began to discuss the partnership in May during Cannes.

“We have already built out an international representation with more than 15 countries, including France, New Zeeland and Korea,” said Stu Levy, chair of the PGA’s international committee.

“Brazil will be our first Latin American partner. Even though there is a demand for Latin American producers in the US, especially in Los Angeles, Miami and New York, people don’t know how to access each other.”

Levy will sign the agreement during RioMarket, the business side of the Rio de Janeiro International Film Festival that runs until October 9.

The cooperation agreement is to create synergy, exchange information and provide debates, seminars and visits by delegations to the partner country.

“The idea is to facilitate relationships that could result in co-productions between the two countries,” said Levy. “This is our main goal. We will have Skype video calls to pitch projects to each other.”

For Brazilian producers, the agreement represents the possibility of greater international exposure for local films.

“Our films must cross over the borders,” said Silvia Rabello, the president of SICAV-RJ, which has local 60 affiliate companies.

“What helps us is that Brazil has gained much prominence on the international scene, with the approach of the World Cup in 2014 and Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro in 2016.”

The agreement will be signed at 6:15pm local time at Armazem da Utopia, the warehouse of the Port Of Rio where the festival headquarters are located.